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Teaching Format
Somatic Experiencing is taught with an approach that supports individual learning styles. It provides a mix of theory and practical work and has been designed so that the information and skills gained in each module are layered and built upon during subsequent modules.

  • Each module of the training is facilitated by a senior faculty member from the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. There may be a different faculty member for each training year; as each trainer brings his/her unique gifts and experience to their teachings this can enhance the learning experience.
  • Teaching and learning methods include lectures, both in-class and DVD demonstrations, guided self-experiential exercises and small group practice sessions supported by SEP assistants. Practical clinical applications are emphasised with class time allotted each day for practical work.
  • After each lecture the technique or concept is practiced in a small group format such as a diad or triad, supported by an SEP assistant.
  • Each module builds on the previous as well as continually consolidating the basic SE concepts.

Course Work
Written home study is not a component of the training.

  • A comprehensive training manual is supplied for each module.
  • An extensive reading list is available for participants to broaden their knowledge of topics related to each module.
  • Participants are encouraged to undertake practice sessions outside of class time and to form local study groups that meet between modules.
  • Individual and group case consultations (supervision) are available to participants for Somatic Experiencing related practice.

Learning Environment
Due to the delicate nature of a trauma training a safe learning environment is considered to be vital. A three-to-one participant to trained somatic experiencing assistant ratio is maintained in order to create a safe, holding environment and provide in depth feedback on skills during practical sessions.

This high level of SEP assistant support truly separates the SE training from many other body-oriented training opportunities currently available; it ensures all practice sessions are supervised with questions answered at the moment they arise whilst lecture content is reinforced as learning deepens and integrates.

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A trembling in the bones may carry a more convincing testimony than the dry documented deductions of the brain.
Llewelyn Powers