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The training program is for persons in the healing and helping professions only. It is not intended for the general public. Applicants are expected to be working in orthodox or complementary fields of medicine, bodywork or therapy or be in the process of studying in any of those areas.

Applicants are required to be a member of a professional and regulatory body with a code of practice and disciplinary procedure or to be in the process of attaining this at either a student or practitioner level.

Applicants who do not have practitioner status may be accepted depending on their individual circumstances.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding the suitability of the training for you, please contact us using the details on the contact page of this website.

The training is designed to train professionals in helping clients deal with trauma or high anxiety states versus being a personal self-help course. However, due to the depth of the work and the practical nature of the training, we do advise participants that personal traumas may be triggered during the training, thus the experience may also become an integrative process for your own personal development. Personal SE sessions from the SEP assistants are available during the training week but further outside support may be required between modules.

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Trauma resolved is a great gift, returning us to the natural world of ebb and flow, harmony, love, and compassion.
Dr. Peter Levine