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Tuition fee payments are evenly spread over the three year duration of the training. Unless you have opted for a payment plan, there are 3 annual payments, one for each training level enrolment.

  • Super Early bird Registration is due at least 4 months in advance of the commencement date of each training level.
  • Early bird Registration is due at least 2 months days in advance of the commencement date of each training level.
  • Standard Registration is due 14 days in advance of the commencement date of each training level.

To confirm your place, a non-refundable deposit of $880 is due within two weeks of being accepted onto each training level.

Super/Early Bird Payment Plans
The Early Bird Payment Plans are ideal if you would like to receive all the benefits of the relevant Early Bird but prefer to pay the tuition fee in regular monthly or fortnightly instalments. The payment plan provides additional months to pay the tuition fee yet you still receive the super/early bird discount.

A $77 administration fee applies to this payment plan option.

Here’s how it works….

The Early Bird Payment plans are available to anyone who registers for an SE Training Level (2 modules) at least two – four months in advance of the start date of that level.

You can start a payment plan as early as you wish and nominate how many instalments you want to pay within the options available in the month you enrol.

There is an important proviso. If the tuition fee is not paid in full by the relevant Early Bird Payment Plan end date then the amount to pay reverts to the standard payment option for the full level and an invoice will be issued for the balance.

Example: For a Beginning Level that commences in November:

The latest that registration can occur to be eligible for the Super Early Bird Payment Plan is July, four months before the training level commences.

If you are interested in joining with the Payment Plans, please contact us to arrange a payment schedule that suits you.

Payment Methods
Payments may be made using one of the following methods:

  • Within Australia: by an Internet Banking Transfer, direct debit or credit card.
  • Outside of Australia: by an International Bank Transfer or WISE or credit card. Any bank FX fees, including intermediary bank fees, are to be paid by the participant.

All payments must be made in Australian dollars. Any credit card fees are to be paid by the participant and will be included on the invoice.

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