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DVD Option
The class lectures and demonstration sessions in every training module will be filmed. Each participant, assistant and organiser is required to sign an Informed Consent and Release Agreement to ensure that all personal information, of any participant, relayed within the training is held strictly and completely confidential. This confidential information is not disclosed to any other person or entity under any circumstances.

As this is a very experiential training, the SE Trauma Institute STRONGLY recommends that all training modules be done in person but it is also appreciated that sometimes this is just not possible.

DVD Option For Entire Module
For those who want to attend the SE Professional Training but have difficulty fitting all the module dates into their schedule we can offer a DVD option.

A participant is allowed to make one DVD substitution in either the Beginning level or the Intermediate level. No DVD substitutions are permitted in the Advanced level due to the inclusion of working with touch.

The price for the DVD substitution is the same as the module training fee.

The DVD is copy protected and it must be returned to the Organiser prior to the start of the following module.

In order to receive credit for taking a training module on DVD, a self assessment evaluation form must be completed and returned to the Organiser. The participant ticks if he/she has understood each of the concepts taught or if they require further help on any topic.

The participant is required to take an additional one hour of supervision for each day of the training that is taken by the DVD option.

Sometimes in trainings there are a few people who start attending at the second module having done the first module by the DVD option. In this instance, one of the senior assistants will provide a supervision session in a group format prior to the start of the second module to allow those participants the opportunity to work experientially with the material learned from the DVD. The cost of the supervision session is the responsibility of the participant(s).

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits and the DVD Option
A Certificate of Attendance and CPD credits are NOT awarded to participants who take a SE training module with the DVD option.

DVD Option For Part of a Module
In the case of absence for individual days, the missing days must be made up by using the DVD option plus the participant is required to receive an additional per day, fee-based supervision hour at their own expense.

A small fee may be charged to cover the cost of the DVD copying plus postage.

The DVD must be returned to the organiser prior to the start of the following module.

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In order to help these inappropriate, fight/flight/freeze responses to come to an end, you need to work with people’s bodily responses. You need to help their body to feel like it’s over.
Bessel van der Kolk, MD