Further information and articles of interest about Somatic Experiencing and Trauma can be found at the following sites.

Dr. Peter Levine

Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

Beyond Trauma: The Somatic Experiencing Blog from SETI

SEP Talk
A series of monthly half-hour audio conversations, each with a different SE practitioner talking about how they integrate SE in their practice.

Tune In Not Out (TINO)
A website for young people that provides 24hr TV for life’s challenges from mental to sexual health. Tune In Not Out brings videos, factsheets, real stories and blogs from across Australia into one central point for young people to explore.

The Tune Your Mood music page promotes dialogue among young people about their use of music to encourage self reflection and intentional listening as a way to positively impact on their well being. You can share and listen to music that helps you through a range of times in your life, from partying and having a blast, dealing with anger, waking up through to tunes that help you focus and study.

David Baldwin’s Trauma Pages

Psychotherapy Net: Resources To Inspire Therapists

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Trauma is not primarily imprinted on people's consciousness but instead becomes deeply imbedded in people's sensate experiences.
Bessel van der Kolk, MD