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Somatic Resilience & Regulation is a program to provide clinicians and practitioners with an orientation specifically to developmental trauma. Prior knowledge and experience at the practitioner level in a bio-physiological model of trauma resolution is required as a pre-requisite for this training.
As a guideline, suitable somatic based trauma resolution trainings include:
- Touch Skills for Therapists Training - Kathy Kain
- Transforming the Experience-Based Brain - Stephen Terrell
- NeuroAffective Touch Foundation Training - Aline La Pierre
- Somatic Experiencing Advanced level
- Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
- Hakomi Method
Please advise either which of the above trainings you have attended or if you have attended any other equivalent trauma resolution trainings that are not listed above.
Personal Responsibility

The training is designed to train professionals in helping clients with developmental trauma and to provide insight and direct experience of working with developmental trauma. The training is not intended to be, nor may it be assumed to be, a treatment or cure for any existing complaint or illness, or for any complaint or illness which may arise during the training period. It is the personal responsibility of each participant to secure a program of support for their own personal well-being which is independent of the training program. This may include seeking the assistance of a professional therapist between modules to address any issues which arise during the training period.

 I understand the Personal Responsibility statement above.
Share Contact Details

Please note that when accepted onto the Somatic Resilience and Regulation (SRR) Training participants are given secure password access to training materials and the contact details of other participants and support assistants who are attending the training. Sharing contact details with the group is beneficial:
- allows participants to advise of any dual relationships prior to attending the Skill Building experiential practice days
- supports the formation of optional Study Groups for in-person practice between modules.

Participant contact details are NEVER passed on to any other organisations or individuals.

Please indicate below whether you give permission for your contact details to be made available to the participants and the support assistants of this SRR training cohort.

 Yes, I consent to share my contact details with the other SRR participants and assisting team.
 No, I do not want my contact details shared with the other SRR participants and assisting team.
Payment Options for Somatic Resilience & Regulation: Module 3
Super Earlybird $1,115 (Module 3 only)
 Initial deposit of $315 due within 7 days with payment balance of $800 due by 18th November 2023
Super Earlybird Payment Plan $1,192 (Module 3 only)
First instalment due in month of application, followed by regular monthly or fortnightly instalments.
Please advise your preferred number of instalments in the comments box below.
Payment Method
Pay by Bank Transfer
If you prefer to pay by an alternative method please make a request in the Comments section.
Credit card payments incur an admin fee of 1.75% for domestic cards and 2.95% for international cards.
Upon acceptance of your enrolment you will receive an email with an invoice attached plus information on how to make payment.
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Terms and Conditions
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