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As the freshness of Spring emerges we would like to update you on both new and continuing events being offered by SE Australia.  Plus, there is a research paper for the Prevention of Secondary Trauma and a link to the free Collective Trauma Online Summit starting on October 12th.

The next SE Professional Training commences in
Sydney on 14th November.

Event Schedule for 2019 - 2021

The Early Bird price is in place for all Sydney application requests received by 30th September. 

Somatic Experiencing Professional Trainings commence around Australia on the following dates:
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Basic Principles of SE -  USA Online Event Other Events:
Request a Payment Plan. 
Monthly and fortnightly payment plans are available for all SE Australia events. The earlier a payment plan commences, the more instalments are possible within the available time frame. 

To request a payment plan other than those listed on an enrolment form, simply add a note in the comments section of the form.

New Trainings Commencing - Module 1 Dates:

  • Sydney      : 14 - 19 November, 2019
  • Brisbane    : 20 - 25 August, 2020
  • Perth         : 17 - 22 August, 2021
  • Melbourne : 12 - 17 Oct,  2021
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What is Somatic Experiencing?

Somatic Experiencing (SE), developed by Peter A. Levine, PhD, author of “Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma,”,  "In An Unspoken Voice" and "Trauma & Memory" is a potent psycho-biological approach to resolving the symptoms of trauma and chronic stress. 

SE aims to identify what is interfering with a person's internal threat-recovery process to address the root cause of trauma symptoms. In the process, clients develop tools for restoring their innate capacity to rebound from overwhelming experiences.  

Dr. Peter Levine’s somatic-based trauma resolution training uses an educational model that is both theoretical and highly experiential. It offers effective skills for restoring nervous system regulation and resolving trauma that can be immediately integrated into your professional practice. 

How SE May Benefit You

Learn practical and effective skills that help resolve trauma and anxiety: Gentle yet powerful interventions will inspire and empower your clients, restoring resilience and providing them with a greater capacity to enjoy life.

Improve clinical outcomes: Enhance the depth and effectiveness of therapy by including body based awareness, somatic interventions and knowledge of the nervous system's response to trauma. 

Have an extraordinary life experience: Many students find the SE training both professionally and personally transformative. Experience the power of compassionate healing and meaningful growth for yourself and your clients. 
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Expression Of Interest
If you are interested in attending a future SE training in New Zealand or Australia, please fill out an Expression of Interest to nominate your preferred training location. It will help us to know where the interest is and you will be kept informed of any training updates in the areas of your choice.
Expression of Interest

Basic Principles of SE -  USA Online Event

There are 3-hour SE Intro webinars offered by the SE Institute in the States for a cost of $55 USD.

These are live, interactive events. However, the sessions are recorded and all registrants will receive a link to the recording. Thus it is not necessary to participate in the live event to receive the information, you can listen to the content in your own time rather than being around for the USA time zones.

The online introductory SE workshop will provide you with a basic theoretical overview of the SE model and how it complements and augments traditional approaches to working with trauma. In this sense, you should be expected to gain an introductory understanding of the SE theoretical model, how this SE model fits with and expands current trauma treatment, and how attending the SE Professional Training may support your interest in learning more effective ways to treat your clients and patients. 

Current Schedule
September 19, 2019: Basic Principles of Somatic Experiencing®
10:00am - 1:00pm Mountain time with Ellen Byrne, CMT, SEP

October 17, 2019: Basic Principles of Somatic Experiencing®
10:00am - 1:00pm Mountain time with Debra Clydesdale, LAc, DNBAO, MTOM BScEE, CDS, LMT, SEP

November 14, 2019: Basic Principles of Somatic Experiencing®
10:00am - 1:00pm Mountain time with Ellen Byrne, CMT, SEP


ISP Module 1: is available by online viewing
ISP Module 2: 13 - 18 Feb, 2020 - attendance

Location: Holy Cross Centre, Templestowe, VIC
Dr. Raja Selvam is continuing his Integral Somatic Psychology™ (ISP™) training.

Integral Somatic Psychology is a comprehensive approach that is designed to increase clinical effectiveness and improve diverse outcomes (cognitive, affective, behavioral) through the greater embodiment of emotions, regardless of a practioner’s primary therapeutic modality.

ISP draws from Western and Eastern psychology, scientific research on the neurology and physiology of psychological experiences, empirical research from body psychotherapy schools plus bodywork, movement and energy work traditions. 

Please refer to the SE Australia website for costs and enrolment options.
Integral Somatic Psychology Information

ISP Module 1: Online Viewing Option

The option includes a video review of all course hours and demos, plus the training manual and hand-outs with access to the ISP Student Portal.

Once the ISP 1 videos have been viewed, the ISP 2 module may be joined if a one hour ISP consultation with an assigned ISP mentor is taken to help orient to the ISP approach. The consultation is at the participants cost, however this is reflected in the reduced tuition fee for the ISP 1 online viewing.

If the participant does not wish to continue with ISP module 2 then the ISP consultation is optional, though highly recommended.

The online viewing option offers a certificate of 20 CPD hours. To earn CPD for a training module completed by video, you are required to complete a self review; it is based on the content in videos and provided reading materials and comprises a series of questions with true/false answers.
Integral Somatic Psychology Information
When there are no words, when words are not enough, 
or when words get in the way..... 

Module 1  : 29 Sep - 4 Oct, 2020
Module 2  :  2 Mar - 7 Mar, 2021 

Module 1 :   8 Oct  - 13 Oct, 2020
Module 2 : 11 Mar - 16 Mar, 2021

** This is a two module program with attendance required at both modules.

What is NeuroAffective Touch?
Learn key somatic and touch protocols that help resolve attachment and early emotional and relational trauma. 
  • A professional psychobiological training using therapeutic touch as a vital bridge to body-mind integration.
  • A polyvagal-informed approach using the key elements of psychodynamic and somatic psychotherapy, attachment and developmental theory, and affective and interpersonal neurobiology.
The event will open for registration soon and all subscribers will be notified. 

It would be appreciated if any information requests are held until after the event is officially open as the webpage will most likely have the answer. 
Thank you for your understanding.

Prevention of Secondary Trauma Research

Abi Blakeslee, an SE faculty member who is the trainer for the upcoming Sydney SE Training, had the honour of being a part of a project for the Prevention of Secondary Trauma published by Dr. Kelly Knight and Dr. Colter Ellis.
Click here to download and review tools for awareness, self-care and organisational response.

The report is published by Montana State University and the Center for American Indian and Rural Health Equity and funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health.  

Collective Trauma Online Summit

Starts on October 12, 2019

A free 9-day global event to explore how to heal Personal, Intergenerational and Collective trauma. Presenters include Peter Levine, PhD; Bessel Van der Kolk, MD; Stephen Porges; Daniel Siegel, MD; Dr. Gabor Maté and a host of other Psychotherapists, Mediators, Researchers and Peacemakers.

Click on Collective Trauma Online Summit to register and you will receive a FREE report on Healing Collective Trauma.
Somatic Experiencing: Using Interoception and Proprioception as Core Elements of Trauma Therapy.
Peter Payne, Dr. Peter A. Levine, Mardi A. Crane-Godreau

Published 4th Feb, 2015, the article discusses a clinical model of how SE is used with reference to neuroscience. Read more

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