We are pleased to announce that Maggie Kline has just confirmed that she will be running her excellent 3 day Kids Trauma workshop in both Sydney and Melbourne next March. You can read more about this event below, as well as a link to an new interview with Dr. Peter Levine and Dr. Maggie Phillips discussing their new book and CD.
It’s been great being in touch with all those who have registered for the inaugural SE Professional Training. We are really looking forward to meeting everyone in September. There is such a diverse range of experiences and skills we are sure it is going to be an amazing group.

If you are planning on registering then please let us know ASAP as there are only 9 places left and our Early Bird offer is only available until the end of June.

Best Wishes
Tracey & Roby

SE Events
Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing For Kids workshops - March 2013
Maggie Kline MS, MFT is a senior faculty member at the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and a Senior Instructor on many USA and international SE Professional Trainings. Her background is in humanistic, family systems and Gestalt psychology with additional training in various body-based psychotherapies, including EMDR, Bodynamics plus Postural Integration. Maggie is the instructor for both the Beginning and Intermediate levels of the SE training here in Australia.
In March 2013 Maggie will be offering her three day seminar ‘SE For Kids’ in Melbourne and Sydney. Therapists without prior training in SE may also enroll if they attend an additional one day Introduction to SE the day before the seminar. More details of the seminar will be available in a future newsletter.
As a taster we have included an article written by Maggie with some pointers on emotional first aid for children..  Read more...

SE News
Freedom From Pain 
by Dr. Peter Levine and Dr. Maggie Phillips
Dr. Phillips is the director of the California Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, a faculty member and instructor at the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and is author of Finding the Energy to Heal and Reversing Chronic Pain. Dr. Levine is the developer of the groundbreaking Somatic Experiencing® approach to healing trauma.

With Sounds True, they have co-authored a book and accompanying CD called Freedom from Pain. Tami Simon speaks with Maggie and Peter about the prevalence of chronic pain today, how physical pain may relate to past trauma, and the stages that pain sufferers commonly experience. They also offer inspiring real-world examples and insights about the keys for solving “the puzzle of pain.” Read more...

 “Without the body and mind accessed together as a unit, we will not be able to deeply understand or heal trauma.”  Dr. Peter Levine.

Early Bird Special – 6 weeks remaining
If you wish to save yourself $396 in training fees for the Beginning Level then remember to register before the Early Bird special expires on 30th June.

Early Bird Lay By Extended
Anyone registering for the training in May or June can still take advantage of the Early Bird special and have the option of spreading their payments over 3 or 4 months until August 2012. Read more...
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