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Since the SE introductory talk that Dr. Larry Heller gave in February earlier this year (memorable for the flash flood as well as the well-received content), those of you who attended and asked to be kept updated may have been wondering whatever happened to the idea of bringing Somatic Experiencing to Australia?

Well, it has been bubbling away in the background. The project of starting an SE training in Australia has been much more complicated than initially envisaged but our passion about the deep healing benefits that SE brings to clients and our desire to increase the awareness of SE around the world has kept us moving forward, albeit much more slowly than hoped.
The SE Australia subscriber list is growing fast which is very encouraging. Thank you to those of you who have been helping us to spread the word. At this rate, if there are sufficient enrolments it may be possible to expand the SE Training in 2012 to run in both Sydney and Melbourne.

We are both very excited about the progress made so far and we are looking forward to being part of the first ever SE Training team in Australia. If we can help you with any queries concerning SE or the SE Practitioner Training please do contact us.

But now, please scroll down and read about the SE Australia website, the SE Practitioner Training, recent CPD changes and a request for help from us to you.

With best wishes,
Tracey Fraser and Roby Abeles

We have launched the SE Australia website, which we invite you to browse. It is filled with general information about Somatic Experiencing and full details of how to become an SE practitioner. It includes a register of SE practitioners within Australia plus a selection of resources to help further your knowledge of the international SE community and other trauma related subjects, including Youtube clips of Dr. Peter Levine speaking about SE.
Any suggestions you may have regarding the website content or feedback in general is very welcome - just email us from the Contact Us page.
Venue Search.
Can you help?
We have recently been advised by the management of the venue we have booked for the Beginning I/II module that they can no longer guarantee us room availability for the duration of the full three year cycle of the training. This is a disappointment as it is a venue that meets all the needs of the training.
So, we would like to solicit your help and ask if you know of any venue that may suit our requirements ? It could be located close to Melbourne or in the suburbs.
  • Spending six days focusing on trauma requires that we have a space that is calm, relaxed and pleasant to be in.
  • One large room with capacity for at least 50 people
  • 2 - 4 smaller break out rooms
  • Facilities to use a data projector and DVD player.
  • Close to public transport and parking
  • Walking distance to lunchtime cafes etc
  • Close to a variety of accommodation choices
  • A plus would be if accommodation is also available at the venue, though this is not a requirement.
Even if you know of something that almost fits these requirements we would love to know about it so we can check it out. Thank you for your help.
Continuing Professional Development
SE Australia has been in the process of applying for CPD endorsement from The Australian Psychological Society. We have been notified that there have been some major changes to the APS endorsement of CPD activities. Daiva Verbyla, Manager Professional Development Standards, advised that "After 31 October 2011, APS Members can accrue CPD hours by participating in activities they determine to be relevant to their individual professional skills, learning plans and goals. CPD activities do not need to be endorsed by the APS."
To support this change, all participants in the SE Training will be issued signed Certificates of Attendance for each fully completed SE training module.
We are very pleased to announce that, in collaboration with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (SETI), the full 36 day Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Training is coming to Melbourne, Australia. The SE Australia website has full details about the training and how to register.
The Team
We have secured 2 amazing International trainers who will present all 6 modules between them.  One of them is Maggie Kline who co-wrote both Trauma Proofing Your Kids and Trauma Through A Child’s Eyes with Peter Levine. She is one of the most senior faculty members of SETI and will be teaching both modules of the Beginning Level.
We also have Giselle Genillard on board as a senior assistant whose passion it is to bring Somatic Experiencing training to new countries. Not only is she a highly experienced senior assistant but she is also a SETI approved organiser and has started up and continues to co-ordinate the SE trainings in both the U.K. and France. We have benefited enormously from her experience and commitment to making this project a reality. Giselle will be with us for the whole training.
In addition there will be several assistants attending who are SETI certified personal session providers. They will be offering personal sessions throughout the training as well as helping to support and provide a container for the training group.
Change To Training Dates
To enable us to assemble this terrific team we had to change the dates of the first module to be Thursday September 27th – Tuesday October 2nd, 2012. Although it is a couple of months later than originally envisaged we think the wait is worthwhile. If you had planned to attend in July and cannot make it in September then please contact us.

The tuition fees are now published on the website.  We have tried to set the fees as low as is possible. However, the fees do reflect that we are flying in from Europe/ USA not only the SE Trainers but at least five very experienced SE assistants per module as per SETI guidelines thus ensuring a well supported training.  We have offered a good ‘Early Bird’ rate and flexible options of paying either by the module or for a full training year. 
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