NeuroAffective Touch

Renegotiating Developmental and Relational Trauma

Touch is at the foundation of our relational experience. Scientific evidence has shown that attuned, caring touch is critically important for normal brain development as well as for healthy emotional and cognitive maturation.

NeuroAffective Touch® is a professional somatic training that introduces psychotherapists and bodyworkers to the use of touch as a vital bridge to body-mind integration. The training addresses attachment, emotional, and relational deficits that cannot be reached by verbal means alone. NATouch™ techniques can be implemented with a client being either seated or lying on a table.

NeuroAffective Touch® was created by Dr. Aline LaPierre,
clinician, author, teacher, and past Vice President of the United States
Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP).

How do you quiet down the frightened animal inside of you? The answer to that is probably in the same way that you quiet down babies. You quiet them by holding and touching them, by being very much in tune with them, by feeding and rocking them, and by very gradual exposure to trying new things.

Bessel van der Kolk, MD
A Polyvagal-Informed Model

NeuroAffective Touch® is a polyvagal-informed model that uses intentional mindful touch to bring the unconscious memories held in the body into conscious awareness. Working with the polyvagal nervous system, NATouch™ helps establish a new somatic foundation from which to rework trauma-based unconscious behavioral responses and rebuild self-awareness and identity.

Have you been thinking about making
a change in your practice?

Integrating the body, brain, and nervous system with traditional psychotherapy is now at the forefront of clinical advances for healing attachment wounds and early developmental deficits. Experience how including the body and the therapeutic use of touch can enhance your practice and your perspective as a clinician.

NeuroAffective Touch® Foundation Training

NATouch™ Learning Objectives

To enhance your clinical outcomes by integrating body and mind in the resolution of attachment trauma and emotional/relational deficits.

  • Develop the key somatic and bodywork skills necessary for working with attachment deficits
  • Access pre-verbal and non-verbal states
  • Move beyond the traditional psychodynamic understanding of identity as residing in the mind by working simultaneously top-down with the mind and bottom-up with the body
  • Use neuroception, interoception, and proprioception to work with implicit procedural memory and resolve dissociative states
  • Teach clients practical self-care touch exercises to stabilise their nervous system

Those who do not intend to use bodywork or touch within their practice will learn how to teach their clients interventions that connect and resource them in the body.

When there are no words, when words are not enough
or when words get in the way…..
NeuroAffective Touch
Cellular Imprinting

“Literally my cells started to change. They felt like clear bubbles. I stayed in that state to feel it, to take on that new imprint.”

NeuroAffective Touch® works with early somatic deficits by communicating directly with the body to nurture clients at the non-verbal level where they received their first imprints. Attuned, resonant touch helps address the three essential developmental states necessary for emotional well-being:

“I exist”
“I am loved”
“My needs are important”

In cases of early emotional and relational trauma, the therapeutic use of touch establishes a non-verbal bottom-up foundation of SAFETY, TRUST, and CARE from which a new mindful top-down narrative can emerge.

NATouch™ Curriculum Overview

The training includes a focus on personal psychobiological awareness to help practitioners develop an embodied presence that heightens their capacity for sensory attunement and resonance in their clinical work.

The curriculum is comprised of five parts, covered in a three x 3-day Online Program and one x 5-day in-attendance Touch Intensive Masterclass:

1. Healing Our Deepest Core – Nurturing Infant States
2. Touching the Emotional Body for Nervous System Regulation
3. Emergence and the Growth of Self
4. Re-negotiating Hypervigilance
5. Restoring Connection with the Developmental Blueprint

Visit the Curriculum for a complete overview of the training and learning objectives.

Hybrid Training Format

The training combines both an Online Program and a Touch Intensive Masterclass.

  • three live-streamed online modules; each consisting of 3 days (5 hours per day).
  • one in-attendance Touch Intensive Masterclass with 5-days of in-person experiential practice.
  • three exchange practice sessions with a colleague, one after each online module, online or in-person.
  • three online large group case consultations of 2½ hours each, facilitated by Dr. Aline LaPierre.
  • two online study groups of 3½ hours each.
  • a comprehensive 200-page training manual.
  • access to the lecture key notes power point slides.
  • video links to all the lectures and demos to review in your own time.

As many practitioners are now doing more sessions online, the content will bring an enhanced focus on self-touch and self-care protocols for clients, as well as guidance for establishing a somatic contemplative practice. This will give you in-depth interoceptive experience of your own body and help you teach your clients how to work with their bodies.

Online Program – Module Content

If you are unable to attend modules 1, 2 or 3 at the time of delivery and would like to join the training, please email

Module 1: Healing Our Deepest Core, Nurturing Infant States

19 – 21 February, 2022 with Group Case Consult: 19 March, 2022

  • Work with the core developmental needs: I am loved, I am wanted, my needs are important.
  • Fulfill early needs for support and protection that elicit the safety necessary for embodiment and nervous system regulation.
  • Work with the relational movements of yielding, reaching, grasping, and pulling that underlie infant nonverbal messages
  • Meet tender attachment needs without creating dependency
  • Refine your intentional touch skills, add virtual touch and self-directed touch.
Module 2: Touching the Emotional Body

28 – 30 May, 2022 with Group Case Consult: 25 June, 2022

  • Learn to work with relational shocks to the heart.
  • Support the lungs and cellular breath to move from fear-based contraction to life-affirming expansion.
  • Address trauma held in the serotonin-producing organs of the digestive system
  • Release the shoulders, thoracic inlet and cranial base to bring mind and body back into collaborative relationship.
  • Deepen your somatic resonance and personal embodied awareness
Module 3: Renegotiating Social Engagement

24 – 26 September, 2022 with Group Case Consult: 29 October, 2022

  • Establish congruence between ventral and dorsal vagal systems.
  • Connect interoception to the muscles of the face.
  • Help hypervigilant ears to stop listening for danger, and the eyes to stop looking for threat.
  • Open the throat and vocal chords for self-expression.

Touch Intensive Masterclass – Module Content

Touch Intensive (in-person)

Melbourne: TBA 2022 & either Brisbane or Sydney: TBA, 2022.

The modules will be scheduled when international travel is permitted without quarantine.

  • A review of the material from the first three modules but with the focus on hands-on touch practice and protocols plus additional material.
  • Hands-on protocols for theory and clinical material learned in Modules 1, 2, and 3
  • Learn to map and deconstruct somatic patterns of numbing, bracing, neglect, abuse, and collapse to reconnect with the developmental blueprint.
  • Practice body-mind dialogues and somatic languaging that elicits body-mind re-connection.
  • Fine-tune your touch skills to attune to developmental needs.
Exclusive to Australia – Bonus Material for the Touch Intensive
Total Value $877 AUD (US$628)
1 extra attendance day
value $350 AUD (US$250)
Nurture To Heal™ Therapeutic Pillows: set of 3
value $152 AUD (US$108)
Study Groups: two x 3½ hours each
value $425 AUD (US$300)

Tuition Fees & Enrolment

If you are unable to attend an online module at the time of its delivery and would like to join the training, please email

Dates, Location & Cost

PACKAGE DEAL for 3 Online Modules: 3 x 3-days
Comprises three online modules. Modules must be taken in sequence.
Does not include the Touch Intensive Attendance Module.
Super Early Bird
enrol by 18 April, 2022
$3,036 AUD
enrol by 14 May, 2022
$3,516 AUD
Flexible payment plans are available - $77 admin fee applies.
All 3 Online Modules
Module 1: Video Viewing Option
Module 2: 28-30 May 2022
Module 3: 24-26 September 2022
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Faculty Group Case Consults - 3 x 2½ hours   * Value $360 AUD *
Training Videos - Access for 1 year   * Value $425 AUD *
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Enrol by individual module. Modules must be taken in sequence.
Super Early Bird
enrol by 18 April, 2022
$1,115 AUD
enrol by 14 May, 2022
$1,275 AUD
Flexible payment plans are available - $77 admin fee applies.
Module 1: Video Viewing Option
Module 2: 28-30 May 2022
Module 3: 24-26 September 2022
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Faculty Group Case Consults - 3 x 2½ hours   * Value $360 AUD *
Training Videos - Access for 1 year   * Value $425 AUD *
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For your convenience, the same masterclass will be held in two locations.
Super Early Bird
enrol by 30 April 2022
Early Bird
enrol by 30 June 2022
enrol by 30 August 2022
Flexible payment plans are available - $77 admin fee applies.
Enrolments Opening 30 May, 2022
Brisbane: 8 - 12 March, 2023
Sydney: 16 - 20 March, 2023
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Show Details
• Study Groups - 2 x 3½ hours
* Value $425 AUD ex GST *
• 1 extra day of attendance
* Value $350 AUD ex GST *
• Nurture to Heal Therapeutic Pillows - set of 3
* Value $152 AUD ex GST *
Who May Benefit?

The NeuroAffective Touch® Training welcomes health professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds within the mental health, somatic and bodywork fields including: psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counsellors, bodyworkers, massage and somatic therapists, art, movement or breath therapists, nurses, health practitioners and coaches.

NeuroAffective Touch

“I’m taking away the integration of body, mind, heart, spirit. As a psychotherapist, it’s the last piece I needed to bring it all together.”

This training will be valuable to those who wish to integrate body and mind to assist in the resolution of emotional trauma and relational deficits. Learn to use body-mind collaborative languaging to cognitively integrate changes in bodily states and assist your clients in connecting non-verbal states to verbal narratives.

Talk Therapists progressively build their confidence in integrating bodywork and body-focused interventions in their clinical practice.

Bodyworkers and body-centred practitioners expand their awareness of psychological developmental aspects.

Applicants should have a professional qualification in a health-related field and have either an active therapeutic practice or a workplace setting where they intend to use NA Touch beyond their personal process.

Upon registering, please use the application form to describe your professional background. All applications will be reviewed as it is our goal to provide a safe and proficient learning environment for all participants by having an awareness of each individual’s professional experience.

IMPORTANT: Scope of Practice

The NeuroAffective Touch® Foundation Training is not a stand alone approach or system that provides a qualifications for psychotherapy or bodywork. Where applicable you are responsible for ensuring that you have the necessary certification or license to do psychotherapy or bodywork in conjunction with NeuroAffective Touch® within your professional practice.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
NeuroAffective Touch
Healing Journey

“I got an amazing level of healing and I’m excited about incorporating it into my work and life. I’m on a journey. Thank you!”

For attendance at each 3-day online module an Attendance Confirmation is provided for 15 hours of professional development. The Touch Intensive Masterclass provides 30 hours of professional development.

Participants must have paid a tuition fee, signed in, attended the entire module, completed an evaluation and signed out in order to receive a CPD certificate.

CPD requirements vary across Professional Associations. Please contact your Association for specific requirements.

Upon completion of each NATouch™ component a participant will receive the relevant Certificate of Completion. After completing both the Online Program and the Touch Intensive Masterclass a Certificate of Completion is issued for the NeuroAffective Touch Foundation Training.

Support & FAQ

If you have a question that requires immediate assistance, first check our FAQs. All Frequently Asked Questions are listed with a detailed answer.

If your question has not been answered please email Please allow up to seven business days for a response.

Aline LaPierreAline LaPierre

Dr. Aline LaPierre is the creator of NeuroAffective Touch® and director of The NeuroAffective Touch® Institute. She teaches NeuroAffective Touch®, a body-focused and neurologically informed psychotherapy that uses somatic therapy and body-centred approaches as vital psychobiological interventions.
Aline is passionate about exploring how body and mind work together and reflect one another. She has been actively involved in the field of somatic psychology and body psychotherapy for over 35 years, and specialises in the integration of body-based approaches with relational psychodynamic psychotherapy and energy approaches.

Dr. Aline LaPierre is past faculty in the somatic doctoral program at Santa Barbara Graduate Institute (2000-2010), a clinician, author, artist, consultant, speaker, and teacher. She is Deputy Editor of the International Body Psychotherapy Journal (IBPJ) and a past Vice-President of the United Sates Association of Body Psychotherapy (USABP).

In the field of somatics, she has studied Somatic Experiencing® (SE™), Postural Integration, Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST), Reichian Therapies, Bodynamics Analysis, Continuum, BodyMind Centering (BMC), and EMDR.

In the field of psychotherapy, Dr. Aline LaPierre is a graduate of Pacifica Graduate Institute which intimately connected her with Jungian and Archetypal psychologies, and of The New Center for Psychoanalysis (NCP) focusing on the full range of psychoanalytic evolution from Object Relations to Relational and Inter-Subjective approaches. She was a member of the Allan Schore Affective Neuroscience study group for several years and maintains a private practice in Brentwood~West Los Angeles.

Dr. Aline LaPierre is a Marriage and Family Therapist, California License 31838. Her current interests include developing NeuroAffective Touch® programs for couples and families.

Books and Publications
In addition to a variety of papers published in the International Journal of Body Psychotherapy, the USA Body Psychotherapy Journal, the Journal of the American Psychological Association and the Hakomi Journal, Aline has also written two e-books:

Healing Touch: Honoring the Somatic Dimension of Psyche 
Touch and Sexual Healing: Touch as the Primary Element of Sensual and Erotic Expression. 

Dr. Aline LaPierre is also the co-author with Dr. Laurence Heller of the bestselling Healing Developmental Trauma: How Trauma Affects Self-Regulation, Self-Image, and the Capacity for Relationship; a groundbreaking book in developmental psychology now available in 12 languages. 

The NeuroAffective Touch® Institute is neither a regulatory nor licensing organisation and therefore cannot certify, license, or otherwise bestow the legal authorisation to practice as a mental health or bodywork professional. Please contact your federal, state, or local agencies and/or licensing boards that govern mental health or bodywork professionals in your geographical region for more information. The NeuroAffective Touch® Institute reserves the right to approve or deny any application to any training or membership, revoke approval at any time, and approve or deny the participation of any person, at its sole discretion, with or without cause, and in accordance with its policies and the law.