Dare is not currently scheduled to run in Australia, if you have any enquiries then please contact Tracey.
DARe: Somatic Attachment Program

DARe (Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning Experience) is an inspiring, interactive somatic attachment program for professionals, created by Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D. Learn essential skills to help your clients develop stronger and more secure attachment styles, resulting in more joyful and happy adult relationships.

Adult Relationships

Adult relationships offer the most powerful opportunity to resolve old, insecure patterns based on adaptations that originally relate to lack of safety, trust, consistency or protection—to name just a few possible bonding deficits. This program provides the keys to the mystery of healthy relationships by teaching you how to compassionately free yourself from the patterns of early attachment wounds that influence adult relationships. This important information is crucial for therapists who want to work with their clients’ potential.

The program presents a unique blend of psychotherapeutic modalities and somatic strategies, neuroscience, and spiritual perspectives, all of which can help you to address your clients’ recovery needs – and your own – in the most effective way, by tapping into our natural and vast potential for recovery and growth.

You will be provided with practical applications and strategies to confidently address your clients’ attachment style and the relational dynamics of Secure, Avoidant, Ambivalent/Anxious, Disorganized Adult Attachment Styles.

Participants will be trained in a unique method of therapeutic approach, which will include working with the relational field and the nervous system as a new dimension for working with attachment wounds and trauma. Many books have been written on the various Attachment styles, but we aim to bring in an experiential focus to your learning, emphasising the practical, clinical applications of this knowledge. You will not only learn to recognise the various Attachment styles, but you will also be provided with valuable tools and exercises, to experience for yourself and to use with your clients.

DARe Intensive

The DARe Intensive program is a new international format introduced to maximise the program time in the most cost effective way. Comprising of two 6-day modules, each day includes 7 teaching hours.

Online Video

*** Exclusive to Australia – Bonus Viewing***

To support this format, and included as a bonus within the program fee, all participants will be given one year of online access to the DARe DVD material. Usually retailing for $650 for each intensive, this is an amazing, unprecedented offer and provides many benefits.

It is strongly recommended that the program content is viewed prior to attending to allow for a deeper level of teaching and integration of the material. The videos are available for online viewing upon full payment of the tuition fee.

Why Attend the ‘Live’ Event?
While people may learn “content” and theory via online viewing or streaming, that approach lacks the opportunity for social engagement and attunement or for the practice of repair and corrective experiences that is essential for learning to work with and resolve attachment issues. Also, attending the event offers the opportunity to explore one’s own attachment patterns either within the experiential exercises or by receiving a personal session.

And of course, attendance is a wonderful way to meet others working in the field and is required for those interested in aiming towards the optional DARe certificate.

Who May Attend?

The program is open to professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds including: Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Pastoral Counselors, Nurses, Medical Practitioners, Marriage and Family Therapists, Drug and Alcohol Counsellors, Crisis Intervention Counsellors, Rape Crisis Counsellors, Bodyworkers, Occupational Therapists and those in the helping professions.

DARe is not designed to be an independent method of healing, rather it is a supplementary method intended to be integrated into an already existing practice.

Theory of DARe

The foundation of Diane Poole Heller’s teachings rests on her firm belief that we are hardwired to heal. Our bodies and our brains are storing memories of early experiences, creating patterns that deeply affect our relationships and our behaviors in adult life.

Diane’s holistic approach, largely based on Somatic and Relational healing techniques, helps us discover the source of those patterns and to apply the right understanding to unwind them, thus releasing new energy to live fully and freely in the moment.

Teaching Method

Prior to the Training, each student receives access to a Training Manual and other didactic support materials for each module. The Manual illustrates the topics, theory, and exercises presented at each training and contains a bibliography of additional reading / media resources.

There is a mixture of Cognitive/Didactic teaching and experiential exercises.

Certificate Program

Diane is pleased to offer an optional DARe certificate program in order to recognise the accomplishments of trained practitioners and advance the standard of clinical care.

The DARe certificate program offers valuable credentials as well as the chance to participate in the USA online DARe practitioner directory.

DARe is not designed to be an independent method of healing, rather it is a supplementary method intended to be integrated into an already existing practice.

DARe 1&2

Dare 1

DARe 1: Healing Early Attachment Wounds & Embracing the Authentic Self
Learn effective approaches to healing childhood wounds with essential body based tools that help clients enjoy fulfilling relationships.

DARe 2: Creating Healthy Adult Relationships
Are you ready to discover how you can have deeper communication, more joy and longer lasting love in your adult relationship?

DARe 3&4

Dare 3

DARe 3: The Neurobiology of Loving Relationships
Learn an exciting groundbreaking approach integrating interpersonal neurobiology and adult attachment theory.

DARe 4: From Wound to Wellness: Excavating Core Intactness, Power and Resiliency
Master Diane’s resiliency based model for integrating fragmented, disorganized and dissociative states.